Tuesday, July 19, 2011

James Madison For President 2012


I thought that might get your attention.

Actually, I am flattered that so many tell me we need another James Madison as President.
Of course, since I'm even less known than Mr. Obummer, it might be a difficult task. I would have to make some really big promises for the general public to consider me seriously.

So, I've been thinking. (I know, you thought you smelled wood burning - LOL.) Anyway, what
kind of promises could I make to the people of America that would get them to make me
President? Well, here's my list, in order, of the promises I would make the people of the USA.

1. Eliminate ALL taxation within the first year, and make it permanent.

2. Repeal ALL unconstitutional Acts and legislation and restore the Republic in my first term.

3. Prosecute any and all corrupt officials and judges at every level - immediately.

4. Due to 3, replace Congress, the House, and the Legislature, and Supreme Court judges.

5. Eliminate the Federal Reserve and return to Constitutional and sound money.

6. End all wars and bring our troops home. Most of which will have to be used to protect me
from the elitists and bankers. The remaining will be guarding our boarders.

7. Amend the law so no more babies born of illegals are Citizens of America.

8. Enforce immigration laws and reduce the number of allowed immigrants to 50,000 per year.

9. Enforce the original 13th and get rid of the lawyers.

10. Amend the Constitution to disallow anyone having dual citizenship from holding any office
at either Federal or State level.

So, what do you think my chances are? Do you think anyone would still want to live here? LOL

Join me on the call tonight and let's talk about it. Do you agree? Disagree with some? Want to add something? Want to ask me how and why? Want to tell me what a lunatic I am?

Of course, there is only a snowballs chance in hell me or anyone else would ever get there with this kind of an agenda, but it should make for an interesting conversation, don't you think?

Join the James Madison's Community Call Tuesday evenings @ 9:00 EST - 8:00 CST -
7:00 MTN - 6:00 PST
http://www.FreedomsRadio.com Dial in (321) 354-6946 Conference ID: 169470#
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